Automate and Disintermediate Processes with BlockchainTechnology

We are a startupthat develops solutions for intelligent automation and disintermediation of processes, through Smart Contracts and Blockchaintechnology. We use disruptive technology as the fundamental pillars of our projects.


Optimize and streamline your services by increasing the efficiency and productivity of your business.


Eliminate middlemen from your business and create more relevant relationships.

What we have achieved

We have contributed with several companies to optimize processes, increase productivity, eliminate intermediaries, streamline their business, and create more efficient initiatives and partnerships. (News Spotlights in Brazilian Media Websites)


Real Estate Tokenization

Platform for formalizing innovative and intelligent real estate deals, through Smart Contract and Blockchain Technology.


Management and creation of electronic documents and contracts in general, including electronic or digital signature (via digital certificate). All registered in Blockchain.


Digi is a digital plataform created to help Building and Condominium Managers save time, patience, and money.

We are IBM partners

We are IBM business partners and have been part of the ‘Open Ventures‘ program since 2018.

Open Ventures‘ is an excellent initiative that supports Startupsin training, technical mentoring, access to networkingand various technologies.

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