Who Are We

We're Property Tech. A startup focused on the development of solutions that meet the main demands involved in the real estate incorporation cycle, from the purchase of the land to the management of the venture, after being ready and delivered to the final consumer.

We adopt the Blockchain and Data Science technologies fundamental pillars in our projects and always pursue the best practices in the market for the execution of our actions and development of solutions.

IBM is an important business partner and with them, we have been accumulating a lot of knowledge and important insights from technical mentoring to development of our activities.

Some of our differentials in the market are:

Our Team

Our team is senior and has extensive experience in technology projects.

Agility in Deliveries

We are very agile in our projects, which allows us to carry out our deliveries in a short period of time.

Project Methodology

We adopt a proprietary methodology that blends the main positive points of agile and conventional approaches to project management

Business Partners

Our main business partners are exponent institutions in their operating segments and have the solid information necessary to improve our solutions.

Our Solution

We are well advanced in the development of the PropLedgers network - which is a virtual network, anchored in the Blockchain technology, which integrates all actors involved in the real estate incorporation cycle, allowing all transactions to be carried out electronically, in an online model absolutely comfortable.

The network consists of five macro modules, as follows:

Do you want to know more? Download our PDF presentation by clicking hereclicking here. And watch our video about module IV by clicking here.

It is the IV module of the PropLedgers network, which allows the realization of notary services in a virtual environment, where all transactions are validated and registered in a private blockchain, formed only by notaries - of the most diverse attributions.

It is the ideal solution for integration with legacy systems of companies and consequently, reduce bureaucracy, accelerate business and contribute to improving the competitive environment.

How Does It Work

1. The user (natural or legal person) creates a digital identity; cria uma identidade digital;

2. Choose the service to be performed;

3. Meets the requeriments of the chosen service;

4. Generates a draft of the document (e.g. Power of Attorney, Deed, etc.);

5. Sign electronically the generated document;

6. Everything is validated and registered in a Blockchain.

Frequent Doubts

Who will be able to perform services on the solution?
Any individuals, legal entities and/or other institutions that wish to perform registry services.
Is there a need to physically appear at the notary's office?
Not in principle. The services are performed in a fully digital manner. However, for some rare and very specific reason, it may be that the notary may request your physical presence at some point.
Can the solution be integrated with other systems in my company?
Yes, the solution architecture is flexible and allows the integration of numerous systems from different business scenarios.
Why do the services performed in the solution have legal value?
Because the notaries that integrate the network act in the validation of all the transactions carried out, according to their attributions. This fact guarantees public faith and ample legal security to the services and acts performed.
How is public faith and the experience of notaries being preserved in this project?
The solution object of the project will allow all acts to be validated by the notary's office and its history recorded in a blockchain, with the guarantee that the operation will meet all the requirements of existence of validity and effectiveness of a legal act, also backed by the public faith of the Notary Public. In other words, the public faith of notaries is being fully preserved, since all transactions continue to be validated and intermediated by these institutions, as happens in the physical environment. This fact, undoubtedly, guarantees greater legal security to the acts and services performed in the digital environment.
And if for some reason, I need a physical version of the document generated by the solution, how would I get it?
In this case, the notary can bring the physical version of the document/act to you through some logistical service or you can remove it yourself from the notary public.
How does Blockchain come to add value to the Registry service?
First of all because it is an extremely secure solution, after all the blockchain increases the legal security of transactions, mainly due to the immutability of the data recorded in the ledger. Then, because it will provide the user with a comfortable experience - because the service is provided by any computer connected to the solution, anywhere in the world, without the need for a physical presence in a notary's office, and because it is not required that your computer be of great power. And, finally, because it strengthens the movement of technological disruption that we have experienced in recent years and also contributes to the redesign of the way in which Brazilian notaries work, who will migrate from a traditional position to a position of vanguard and aligned with the desires of the "new society".
Why is it so safe?
Because the registers are immutable and protected by one-to-one chained cryptographic hashes, which form the blockchain. This means that any attempt to change the registers will require a complex computational effort capable of defeating this "chain of blocks so tightly tied". Currently, considering the technological tools available and the intellectual resource, it would be an extremely difficult task.
Why should society and the corporate and government segments use this solution?
Minimally, because it is extremely safe, as already mentioned. Then, because it provides a comfortable experience - because the service is performed through any computer connected to the software, anywhere in the world. In another spectrum, because it strengthens a strong movement of technological disruption experienced in recent years and also contributes to the redesign of the way the Brazilian registries operate, which will migrate from a traditional position to a more modern and aligned with the desires of the "new society".

Our Network

The PropLedgers Network is managed by us and will at least integrate the following actors in order to share information and work processes. We use a permitted Blockchain, Hyperledger, through the framework IBM Blockchain Platform.

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