Other Solutions

During our journey of immersion and learning the necessary requirements for the development of our core business, in this case, the network PropLedgers, nos deparamos com tantos insights interessantes que decidimos criar duas soluções que podem auxiliar o mercado num cenário mais tradicional:

It is a solution focused on automation and management of notaries, from the realization of the registry services to the administrative and financial routines that involve them.

The solution was developed with the use of sophisticated technologies and were prioritized renowned security standards, in view of the great sensitivity of data and information maintained by registries.

It is commercialized in a flexible way, where the client acquires rights to use licenses for the period he wishes to hire.

Legal Web

Legal Web is a solution entirely focused on law firms and legal departments of companies in general. The software is robust and allows the administrative, financial and operational management of the various legal areas. In it, it is possible to register, follow up and monitor processes in all Brazilian courts, and those responsible for each process can be notified instantly, whenever there is a new procedural progress.

There is also the possibility of customizing its features to meet specific demands of each office or legal department, such as the inclusion of administrative routines and workflow, which are somehow related to the processing of cases.