Innovative and Customized Projects and Consulting in BlockchainTechnology

We use disruptive technology as the fundamental pillars of our projects.

Digital Contracts and Electronic Signatures

PropLedgers optimizes your time and revolutionizes your business.

Create standardized templatesof documents and contracts. Leave them ready to be used when needed! You and your customers can sign these templates or any other documents, electronically or with a digital certificate.

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Intelligent Condominium Management

Digi has everything that a conventional administration has, except the bureaucracy.
Digi is a digital plataform created to help Building and Condominium Managers save time, patience, and money.

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A Virtual Network of Notaries

Innovative experience in Notary Services.
A virtual network of notaries, through which notarial services can be performed in a 100% digital way.

Customized Projects and Consulting

We know how to bring your company into the 21st Century.

We use mainly Blockchainand Data Science technologies as fundamental pillars of our projects. We pursue the best practices of the market for the development of solutions that serves our partners in a safe, agile and efficient way.

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